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About the Company

FastTrack Company is a Dutch start-up with a passion for traveling. Whether it’s flying to a far off destination for holidays or a simple business trip: we love the feeling of freedom traveling gives you. And we love to discover new things.

We know by experience that not every trip goes as smoothly as planned. That’s how we get our insights and ideas like eTrack, the award-winning baggage solution. Our drive and commitment come directly from our profound love of traveling.

eTrack connects check-in bags to the internet making sure travellers will never lose sight of a bag again and have it returned quickly and hassle-free in case something does go wrong. Our patented and fully certified products provide stress reduction to the passenger and extra efficiency to airlines.
We developed eTrack to make sure that both business and pleasure trips are no longer ruined by lost bags.

Partnering with us
We have a pure focus on partnerships with airlines, travel management companies, baggage manufacturers and retailers to name but a few. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you would like to know more or have an interest in partnering with us.

Locations & team
We’re based in The Hague. Our team is formed by experts in the fields of travel software, engineering, management, financials and marketing.

Call us at +31 6 1711 6439 or Contact us via email

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